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Scale Paper Models - Bases #2 (Model Kit)

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Scale Paper Models - Bases #2 (Model Kit) Empty Scale Paper Models - Bases #2 (Model Kit)

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:21 pm

Model kit comes as a booklet which contain:
- bit of history and specifications of the real subject of which model is made
- instruction (may be in Polish, English, Russian, German or multilanguage)
- assembly drawings (lots of them)
- main pages with parts- these are colour printed on A4 or A3 cardboard
- pages with skeleton assembly - those are on thin paper like instruction - whole page needs to be
glued on cardboard, these parts are not visible in finished model
- also there are stencils for parts to be made of brass/copper wire or wooden sticks

For many models additional accessories are available (laser cut parts, brass barrels, hand rails etc.)
to make model even more realistic.


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