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Scale Paper Models - Bases #3 (Tools)

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Scale Paper Models - Bases #3 (Tools) Empty Scale Paper Models - Bases #3 (Tools)

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 02, 2012 2:06 pm

You don't need too many tools to be able to build paper models
but you need some :
  • Sharp scissors
  • Pointy scalpel - to cut out openings, small parts, long straight cuts
  • Cutting board - to protect own furnitures
  • Pointy knife - for cuts along folding lines (the knife must be not too sharp, just to make
    little groove -press in - not really cut the paper - this help to make straight folds)
  • Steel ruler - for straight cuts, folds and some paper shaping
  • Tweezers - to work with small parts
  • Black marker - to cover some white spots

After time you will colect many different objects (tools) which will be handy to work with paper.

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