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Scale Paper Models - Bases #1 (Introduction) 13510

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Scale Paper Models - Bases #1 (Introduction)

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Scale Paper Models - Bases #1 (Introduction) Empty Scale Paper Models - Bases #1 (Introduction)

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 04, 2011 8:21 am

What are Scale Paper Models ? - sound like stuff just for kids-believe me it's NOT !
There are different models available, some for the beginners, some for experts,
As the name says these are scale models - which means, they are smaller version
of the real thing. Difficulty level is about small parts and all the detailing so finished
model may look as real as possible.
There are hundreds of models available in any subjects so whatever your interests are
there is a model for you.
Also there are models for kids (or rather younger modellers) - which means they are more simplified or just created
on the computer as author's imagination.
Minimum age to start building paper model ? - I would say 12 but some younger kids
may give a go especially if they have someone to help.

Any questions ? - don't hesitate to ask.

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